Drone Buying Guide

The following are only recommendations and you are not limited to these models. If you would like to meet to discuss your ideas and intentions with using drones in your school, classroom, or department you can contact us through the Help Desk by asking about Drones. We are happy to assist!

NOTE: Before you are able to purchase your drone through the TechOrders process you will need to complete the Drone Drivers License program. You will need to attach your certification to your purchase order.


CoDrone Drone


Product Webpage

Vendor Purchase link

Price @ $215 (set of 10 $2,039.99)

Drone Maker Kit

Drone Maker Kit

Drone Cage

If the drone is under .55 lbs or 250 grams you may fly it indoors only if you have a drone cage to fly them in at the school site or classroom.

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