Summer Distance Learning

Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment Opportunities: Grades TK-12

Students in grades TK-12 can access enrichment opportunities all summer long! A variety of activities in science, technology, art, and literacy will engage students’ minds and bodies. Explore zoos, aquariums, colleges and other landmarks around the world through virtual field trips.  There are also coding courses, Lego and reading challenges to engage students of all ages.

Technology hotline: (209) 492-6000

Access MCS Summer Enrichment

Freckle – Academic Standards-Based Lessons:  Grades TK-8

Freckle by Renaissance

Students in grades TK-8 can access academic standards-based lessons in core subject areas using Freckle! Using Freckle’s resources, students can become fluent in key skills needed to master learning concepts across subject areas. Since Freckle is adaptive, students will progress to more challenging content as they achieve mastery.

Freckle Login

Log-in, Learn and WIN this Summer!

Freckle is offering an incentive to get your student to login and learn this summer! Freckle will award prizes to the top three students from each elementary and junior high school in the following categories: 

  • Highest math growth in Freckle

  • Highest ELA growth in Freckle

One student from each school will win a backpack and two students from each school will win a T-shirt. 

How To Get Started

Students can log into Freckle using the link above, or the link on the Students Applications page. Watch the video below for help on how to log into Freckle. For help taking the placement assessments, watch the appropriate grade-level video for math and/or ELA.